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Evil HR Lady

Interesting thoughts from the Evil HR Lady on Why You Weren’t Hired (Even Though You’re Fabulous) Read more:

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A Different Man

A family friend’s comment on her son, now in his early 50’s. He started as a GP, but in an unhappy practice. Eventually, he moved into occupational health with a major insurance company, and has never looked back. Even a … Continue reading

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To Stay or Go?

Dai Young, Director of Rugby at Cardiff Blues, has ambitions to coach Wales. After 9 years at the club, reports suggest that he is about to join London Wasps. It’s an interesting choice. If he is successful at Wasps, in … Continue reading

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Unexpected Job Ads

Walking through Brindleyplace yesterday, I saw a Walkers Crisps van unloading. On the back door was an A4 poster  saying “Pepsico recruiting experienced sales representatives”. So even major multinational companies are looking for innovative and cheap ways to recruit. If … Continue reading

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Obvious mistakes to avoid

Via the Telegraph, Monster has found that 30% of workers look for a new job while at work. That means during working hours. As someone who has monitored internet traffic, I can tell you that your employer will be unhappy. … Continue reading

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Press ups and interviews

OK, not necessarily press ups, but some kind of exercise certainly helps. Apart from helping to deal with stress during the job search, core strength and muscle tone add to the candidate’s presence at interview. This projects an air of … Continue reading

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Being Sensible Too Early in the Job Search

All job seekers need to apply a reality check to their thoughts, but there is a danger of being too sensible too early in the process. The ideal job will align values, aptitudes, interests, knowledge and skills with the ideal … Continue reading

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