Managing Stress – Possible Redundancy

According to the CIPD/SimplyHealth survey on Absence Management, stress is now the most common cause of sickness absence in the UK (and this does not count other mental health issues).

On one level, pressure is what gets us out of bed and off to work in the morning. It is only when it becomes excessive that problems arise. Stress is individual, the interaction between a particular personality and a particular set of circumstances.

One common cause of work related stress is the threat of redundancy. Any worker has little control over the redundancy decision, but they can control their reaction to it. The uncertainty of whether they will be affected is often worse than the redundancy itself, when the individual can at least take some action.

One step that can be taken during the period of uncertainty and consultation is to decide what possibilities exist if the axe falls. At the very least, keeping the CV up to date is necessary, as is keeping an eye on job adverts. But it is also an opportunity to review where your career is going, and whether you need to discover your Authentic VocationTM . Alternatively, you may want to explore whether to work for yourself. Coaching before you are in crisis will reduce your stress level and help you to move quickly to a new future.

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