Redundancy – Take Any Job?

If you have been made redundant, should you just take any job? Or should you keep looking until the right job turns up?

It is often a temptation to take the first available job, whether it builds your career or not. Certainly this helps the finances, and avoids an unfortunate gap in the CV. Yet job hunting periods are understandable in a recession, provided they are not too long.

If financial pressures allow, assess how many of the right kind of job are available within the geographical area where you are looking. (One in the entire world may not be a sensible target). Try to be realistic about your ability to do the job. Then work out what steps you will take, and how you will present yourself, to get that job. Use these issues as the basis of your decision.

If you need to take the first job available to keep a roof over your head, then take it. However, try to ensure that the job is one where you are left with the energy and time to pursue a more appropriate opening. This will enable you to move on before you become branded as someone who works in the field that you do not want.

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