Authentic Vocation – What are your Values?

Most careers advice starts with what you are good at – your skills, talents, education and experience. And if you want to play soccer for Manchester City (Yaya Toure is on £185,000 per week basic) you had best have a great deal of talent.

One problem will always be that your experience will reflect what you have previously done – it can do nothing else. This is very useful when you are happy to carry on along the same path. It is less so if you wish to change direction, or if you have a mismatch between your career and your values.

One of the important steps in finding your Authentic VocationTM  is therefore to explore your values in a structured way. This process removes the tension that arises when there is a major disconnection between the values you hold deeply and your career.

And of course there are times when finding a paying job immediately has to be the priority. That does not make this process irrelevant. Instead it may meantaking more than one step to that dream job.

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