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Job Search – It’s Not Just Me

I know I bang on about it, but I’m not the only one. Read this over at Instapundit, which gives a succinct real world overview of job hunting. ” Over on Facebook, some friends have been talking about yesterday’s jobs … Continue reading

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Authentic Vocation: Work Experience

A person’s work experience is an obvious indication of what they can do in a job, but it may also reflect the kind of person they are (though that can be taken too far). Clearly, someone who wants to be … Continue reading

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Newsletter November

Our latest newsletter is on the topic of work life balance, and can now be downloaded form the website HERE. To receive it regularly, use this form to register. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Famous Reds – Red Ingle

“Red” Ingle was an American musical and comedy performer, who managed to cross several musical genres. Originally taught the violin by Fritz Kreisler, he played alongside future jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke before joining Spike Jones and his City Slickers where … Continue reading

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Free Life Balance Report Update

There is an error in the previous form, for which apologies. To obtain a copy of the Special e-Report on Life Balance, please complete the form below and allow time for us to email it to you. We will not … Continue reading

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Interview Questions – What Are Your Weaknesses?

This is another common interview question (as is “What are Your Strengths?” discussed in a previous post. The worst answer? “I don’t have any.” Nobody will believe that, and if you believe it, it shows both arrogance and a lack … Continue reading

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Book Review – Penguin Careers Guide

This is the 14th Edition of Penguin’s long established guide. It is a useful adition to the bookshelf of anyone looking to change career, to move to part time, or indeed for their first job. It covers hundreds of possible … Continue reading

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Authentic Vocation – Work Environment

Whatever your career choice, your enjoyment and effectiveness will depend on your match with the work environment. This is something that your career coach will help you to explore. One issue is where the job is situated. If the workplace … Continue reading

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Apprenticeships ‘to be refocused on the young’

Via People Management, Vince Cable promises to reduce red tape for apprenticeships, and to concentrate on the under 25’s. There is even talk of subsidies for small businesses to take apprentices. Much discussion on the People Management site over whether … Continue reading

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How to Get a Job

How to get a job if you are a twentysomething woman, that is. Susannah Breslin writes over at Forbes (H/T Instapundit). Worth a read, even if it expects employers to be both ageist and sexist. Certainly, sitting back and waiting … Continue reading

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