Authentic Vocation – Business Reality

As noted in a previous post, too many job seekers apply the reality filter at the beginning of the job search when the time to do so is at the end. They run the risk of rejecting what they really want to do before they properly explore the possibility, solely on the grounds that it does not seem sensible.

Therefore it is vital to go through the whole Authentic Vocation process before considering business reality.

But the time will come for a job seeker to consider:

1. Is there a business/work need for what they want to do?

2. Are their job targets professionally feasible?

3. Are there enough actual or potential vacancies to make their job targets viable for a full-time job search?

4. Do they have the mental and financial resources for the likely length of their job search?

If not, they need to consider either a short-term approach to build financial security, of find creative ways of achieving job satisfaction in alternative structures.


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