Authentic Vocation – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

As yesterday’s post hinted, these are the starting point for traditional careers advice and guidance. While these are obviously important, (and still the starting point for those who want the same kind of job, only better) values, motivations and life purpose are also important. Part of our job as career coaches is to explore these where relevant.

There are three categories to consider

Technical – often requiring specific training or education, and “hard” or job specific.

Non-technical – people skills needed to interact with others, whether as part of a team, dealing with customers, or keeping the boss happy. “Soft” skills.

Transferable – skills learned in one context, which can be transfered to another, such as decision making.

The simplest approach is simply to list your skills between these three categories, and use this to work out how you match available or potential jobs and careers. If gaps become clear, then you can take steps to fill them.

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