Authentic Vocation – Work Environment

Whatever your career choice, your enjoyment and effectiveness will depend on your match with the work environment. This is something that your career coach will help you to explore.

One issue is where the job is situated. If the workplace is within walking distance, it may make up for other deficiencies in the job. If the perfect job requires working away from family during the week, or uprooting them at an awkward school stage, it may become less attractive. Conversely, for many people the opportunity to work abroad justifies a lower level job, at least for a short period.

That is all fairly obvious. However it is also important to take the employer’s culture into account, and ensure that it matches your own preferences. Is it team or individual oriented? Formal or informal? Large or small?

Some of the employer’s culture will be obvious (if you do not know their size, you do not really deserve the job). Otherwise, there is always the internet, your network, and having a discussion with the receptionist.

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