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CV Review Service

We have added a CV Review Service to our portfolio, details HERE Although each CV should ideally be tailored to a particular job (which is why we do not generally offer CV writing) a fresh pair of eyes ca be … Continue reading

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23 People Chasing Every Job

According to the Telegraph’s report here, quoting a report by Totaljobs, that is the average number of applicants per job vacancy. This varies by area, from 33 in the South East, to only 10 in East Anglia. The other variation … Continue reading

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Saying NO

Work life balance is an ongoing battle for many of us.  Although there are ever more ‘conveniences’ to help run our lives more efficiently, this ever seems to translate into more time.  The ‘to do’ list never gets shorter (if … Continue reading

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What Kind of Job Interview Will it Be?

When given a job interview it pays to know what kind of interview it will be. It does not help that sometimes employers make up the process on the hoof. Broadly, job interviews are of two types, the screening interview … Continue reading

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The Price of a Life Without Balance

As Antonió Horta-Osório the recently appointed boss of Lloyds Bank recently discovered,  living an unbalanced life, at a high pace and with no sleep, comes with a price. Not only was he personally affected (ending up in the Priory) but … Continue reading

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Work Life Balance is Not the Same for Everyone

Work Life balance depends on individual preferences.  Ultimately it is the balance between the time you spend on ‘work’ and ‘the rest of your life’ that is ideal for you.  That ideal balance means different things to different people, and … Continue reading

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400 Applications, 1 Interview, 0 Jobs

This was in the Daily Mail yesterday. Bob Jewers has been busy applying for work without success, and clearly is not one to sit around waiting for things to happen. Obviously times are tough, and his CV may be perfect. … Continue reading

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