Work Life Balance is Not the Same for Everyone

Work Life balance depends on individual preferences.  Ultimately it is the balance between the time you spend on ‘work’ and ‘the rest of your life’ that is ideal for you.  That ideal balance means different things to different people, and does not stay constant during the different stages of our lives:
During our first years at work, we may be more focused on our career, setting a good foundation for our future lives, and relishing new challenges. We also enjoy learning new skills. We know that hard work now can prepare for a more leisurely future and the opportunity to pursue  activities that we think are more fulfilling.
If we have children, and work as well, there is often less time to devote to recreation and personal growth. And more time to run a taxi service!
When we retire, we have more time to do volunteer work and to pursue our personal interests and hobbies. We may also travel or even run a micro-business.


We can be balanced in each of these life-phases, yet the centre of our focus changes with each phase.  It is your choice which areas you would like to focus on at which stage to create more fulfillment and balance in your life. And if you have found your Authentic Vocation, much of your fulfillment will come from your work.

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