What Kind of Job Interview Will it Be?

When given a job interview it pays to know what kind of interview it will be. It does not help that sometimes employers make up the process on the hoof.

Broadly, job interviews are of two types, the screening interview and the decision making interview. The first is one step on from your CV, and is generally carried out by the HR department and is 1:1. These days it may well be carried out by telephone, particularly where a face to face meeting would involve significant travel. The aim is to ensure that the only people put forward to the final process are  those who can do the job. Part of the agenda is therefore not to waste the boss’s time.

Decision making interviews are self-explanatory, and will generally be done by the line manager or decision maker. However, these are people who are not always good at interviewing, so candidates may need to work hard to get their points across. Be aware that you will need to illustrate your skills by  examples and stories of what you have achieved.

Decision making job interviews can fall into different types, which will be explored in the next post.

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