Saying NO

Work life balance is an ongoing battle for many of us.  Although there are ever more ‘conveniences’ to help run our lives more efficiently, this ever seems to translate into more time.  The ‘to do’ list never gets shorter (if you are like me, it gets longer) and we desperately go on trying to tick things off it so that they do not reappear tomorrow and the next day.

And Christmas can make that problem worse, either by trying to make it perfect, or because you try to fit in visits to all your friends and relatives.
How can you quickly change your life balance? There is a simple, yet immensely powerful word, the word ‘no’.  It is sometimes difficult to use it to respond to the demands of your friends, family and work. Work out first the implication of saying ‘yes’, and what effect this will have on your time. Then work out if you can say ‘no’, and what the implications might be. Say ‘no’ to some of the things you where you can justifiably reject.  Sometimes you will find that they were really not very important. Alternatively schedule them after real obligations and those things you ‘want to’ do.  after all, you should be controlling your list, not vice versa.

By being able to say ‘no’, you will gain balance, control and a surprising amount of time. Remember that you can recycle your Christmas tree, but never your time!


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