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Work Life Balance: Time for Yourself

Taking care of yourself forms an important part of a properly balanced life. That said, the pressures we face day by day to get things done can crowd out “me time”. Some people consistently put themselves last, ignoring their own … Continue reading

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Famous Reds: Red Army Choir (with The Leningrad Cowboys)

The latest in our series of Famous Reds features the Red Army Choir, from the days of the old Soviet Union (although it still exists as a Russian entity). Consisting of a male choir, orchestra and dancers, they were often … Continue reading

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Teleseminar Preparations

Blogging may be a bit light for the next few days, given preparations for the no cost teleseminar on 25th January 2012. And the tax return needs to be finalised as well. What is a teleseminar? It is a phone … Continue reading

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Interviews: Debrief

It is not generally a great idea to take notes in an interview if you are the candidate, although it is sensible to have a pen and paper readily available to take down the interviewer’s direct dial number or whatever. … Continue reading

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7 Big BIG Mistakes for Job Hunters to Avoid

Join us for a FREE 60 minute teleseminar at 7 pm on 25th January 2012 discussing the common mistakes people make in job hunting. Talented people, who are well capable of doing a job, are sometimes their own worst enemies … Continue reading

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Should Employers Look at Candidates’ Social Media Sites?

Simon Bond of Challinors at a seminar yesterday quoted two surveys: 2009: 45% US recruiters using social network profile during recruitment 2010: UK survey of job applicants on using social network profiling: • 30% would be “very angry” • 28% … Continue reading

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Social Media As A Thief of Time

I have spent far too long on Twitter this afternoon adding to #brummiefilms. It was fun, and in its way creative. And it helps with the social bit of social media. On the other hand, I should really have spent … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

I came across the concept of the Groundhog Resolution the other day – the one that you make year after year, to no effect. How do you maximise your chances of keeping your resolutions? One way, of course, is to … Continue reading

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