Social Media As A Thief of Time

I have spent far too long on Twitter this afternoon adding to #brummiefilms. It was fun, and in its way creative. And it helps with the social bit of social media.

On the other hand, I should really have spent more time finalising preparations for the webinar I will be presenting in just over a fortnight.Time goes on trying to be inventive, and on checking what other people have come up with. Interest and energy is spent on trivia.The fact that it is a Monday afternoon is a poor excuse.

What is interesting though is that it affects so many other people, and builds. Yet it is unpredictable. #brummiefilms has apparently been around for some weeks. What made it popular (to the extent that it was trending UK wide at some points) today? Imagine the money to be made if this could be predicted! Although the glorious individuality of humanity would be lost.

I still liked The Gravelly Hillbillies, The Brummies Curse and the Stechford Wives, among others. That probably reflects my era of films!

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