Work Life Balance: Time for Yourself

Taking care of yourself forms an important part of a properly balanced life. That said, the pressures we face day by day to get things done can crowd out “me time”. Some people consistently put themselves last, ignoring their own needs. And all those things you are trying to do are important. So important that you may feel that only you can do them. Often this can result in resentment on your part, and the feeling that you are being taken for granted. You may become less effective at work or at home – or even both. Worst of all, you may suffer heath issues. So make time for yourself.

If you are not used to doing so, try adding enjoyable activities to your diary, so that you commit to them, and ensure that any necessary arrangements are put in place. You may need to agree a time with friends, arrange a baby sitter or even save up. Get on and do it, and do not let anything get in the way!

It does not have to be complicated: a stroll in the park, a meal with friends or a good long soak can all help you to stand back from the hurly-burly of life for a short time, before returning refreshed and invigorated. That helps you to deal with the important people in your life – and they are the ones who will suffer if you keel over.

Rest and recreation is an important way of making sure that you do not overdo it, and that you stay balanced.

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