Espresso and other Coffee Coaching

Looking for a name for short, powerful career coaching sessions, what better than the term Espresso? We offer a series of 12 x 30 minute sessions under this banner, over a period of 3 months. This is particularly useful for those who need to concentrate on action, and who want to limit the time they spend in coaching.

Espresso is not to everybody’s taste. For those who need to decide on a direction before taking action, it may be too concentrated. Classico coaching, of 9 x 60 minute sessions over 3 months may suit them better.

And in between, there is always Americano, just that bit longer than Espresso, at 45 minutes.

Of course, we can design a specific package to suit your individual needs. The aim is to benefit you – unlike the Starbucks customer here!!

Contact us to discuss your needs and our prices.

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