The Worst Day for a Job Interview

A candidate does not generally have a choice as to the day or time of a job interview. Yet it makes a difference, so if you do have a choice, bear this in mind.

According to research, Monday is the worst day for an interview, followed closely by Friday. Neither interviewer nor interviewee is likely to be at their best.

The best time for an interview is probably midday. Just after lunch tends to find people in the post lunch slump, while after work interviews results in everybody feeling tired. Bear in mindany travel time.

You may have even less choice about whether you are first or last in the entire process. For management level jobs, being first actually is a disadvantage. You are better off being last. The reverse tends to be true for non-managment jobs, which is surprising.

The best position to be in is totally outside your control. If you manage to struggle to the intrerview through say snow, this demonstrates determination and commitment, and stands you in good stead. That, of course, only works if the interviewer makes it to the interview as well. If they do, there is immediately the common bond of a shared experience.

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