Make Time for You, Yourself

We would all like a life in balance. Although the target shifts and never quite seems within your grasp, some relatively simple steps will move you towards being in control of your life instead of your life controlling you.  Envisage a life where your time is your own to dispose of as you will, and where fun and enjoyment are equally balanced with work, and where the opportunities for each part of your life exist side by side.

Start by taking these simple steps to control your time and move towards better balance:
When you do something with friends or family, be totally committed to that activity. Avoid negative thoughts and being distracted by what you need to do next (let alone next week). That way, you will enjoy what you are doing NOW.


Think again about your habits – If they cause stress, are too expensive, or take too much energy, choose to trade them in for some new ones.

Become “out of reach.”  Every now and again, lose the smart phone and tablet, turn off email and clear your diary. Just be.


If you want more of your time to be your own, start by making these simple changes.

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