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Generation Y Has Become ‘Generation Why Bother?’

An interesting opinion piece in the New York Times suggests that the recession has had an effect on the ambitions and risk taking of Generation Y (one definition of which is the children born during the 1980’s). This feeds through … Continue reading

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Interview Questions – What Did You Like Most About Your Last Job?

There is no glib answer to this question, that covers all situations. That makes it even more important to prepare for the question, but to do so for every single interview. At the same time, listen to what the employer … Continue reading

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Life After Work Can Involve Work

On BBC 2 tonight, John Sargeant continues his series, Britain’s First Photo Album, based on the work of Francis Frith. I have not seen the series, but one thing unite the two men – “pro-tirement”, or working in some form … Continue reading

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Uni For All?

Is higher education always a good thing? This view from the USA: “Consider computer technology. In 2009 the United States graduated 37,994 students with bachelor’s degrees in computer and information science. That’s not bad, but we graduated more students with … Continue reading

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Is The CV Dead?

The development of web based applications, web portfolios and video submissions pose a threat to the traditional CV. Some say that its days are numbered, but I think this is an exaggeration. The CV provides structured and standardised information to … Continue reading

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