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Famous Reds: Red Cabbage

Cabbage is not to everyone’s taste, but red cabbage is colourful and full of nutrients. Cooked in the German style with apples, spices, onion and vinegar, even children will like it. Delia Smith’s recipe here. Halve the recipe if necessary, … Continue reading

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CV’s and the Sinners’ Bible

Having spent much time and effort on the content and layout of your CV, it is important to check it. Errors simply give an excuse for a recruiter to put it immediately on the reject pile. You owe it to … Continue reading

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Life Balance – Dream On?

A balanced life can feel like an impossible dream for  so many of us and every New Year it reappears high on our list of resolutions.  Often our lives are indeed filled with conflicting demands pulling us in all different … Continue reading

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I Wish I Had a Different Career

Some of us have managed to change career at least once. More of us dream of doing so. Yet a change may be for the worse, rather than the better. Our latest free webinar “I Wish I Had a Different … Continue reading

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Making Choices for Life Balance

There is a New Year’s Resolution Syndrome (just invented by me). This holds that all changes in someone’s life must be big, one-off changes. Thus losing weight has to involve a crash diet, rather than minor but permanent eating changes. … Continue reading

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Don’t have a 2.1, webinar, Impressions Count for Women: Newsletter

Our April newsletter But I Don’t Have a 2.1 Career Webinar Impressions – for Women is out now, and available here. To join our mailing list, use this form.

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