Making Choices for Life Balance

There is a New Year’s Resolution Syndrome (just invented by me). This holds that all changes in someone’s life must be big, one-off changes. Thus losing weight has to involve a crash diet, rather than minor but permanent eating changes.

Often the Syndrome applies to life balance as well. People think that they have to make life altering changes. Although that can certainly be true for some people, many of us will move towards balance more effectively through making small, incremental changes. Often it is those individual small but sustained changes that ultimately lead to more peace, contentment, and control.  Easily said admittedly, so here are some practical example to achieve progress:
– Have a family dinner for everyone one night a week, or better still a family night when you run a child friendly video.
– Get others to take on household responsibility, including children.
– Never be afraid to ask for help.
Literally take time out. Escape for 15 minutes every day for a quiet time – reading, meditation, a hot bath, or a power nap can help.  Better still, go for a walk.
Consciously (and unconscious) choices lead towards, or away from, life balance. Daily choices about how to spend energy, time, attention and money all influence where we end up.  This list is not definitive, and does not apply to everyone. Consider the small changes that you can make to have a big impact.

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