Life Balance – Dream On?

A balanced life can feel like an impossible dream for  so many of us and every New Year it reappears high on our list of resolutions.  Often our lives are indeed filled with conflicting demands pulling us in all different directions. It may seem that there is no end in sight.  But you can “Dream the Impossible Dream,” and it is often small choices that will make a big difference in balancing your life.
These are a selection of simple choices to make in your daily life to achieve more fulfillment and balance:

Choose your fun time activities carefully. You only have so many hours in the day for leisure, so make sure that you spend them enjoyably, and do not fritter then away.
Do not automatically say “yes” when someone asks you to do something, especially if you are in the habit of regretting it later.  Take time to think about how it will impact your life balance.
Make sure your daily “to do” list includes at least one think every day that you know you will tick off, and that you know will give you satisfaction. And complete it.
Think about what gives you stress, and what simple changes you can make to limit their effect.

These small, simple choices throughout the day are within your control yet produce a big impact. Plot cour course now, and start your journey towards your ideal balanced life.

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