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Brummie Red Panda

Following on from the previous Famous Reds post about the Red Panda, Babu the panda was of course voted Brummie of the Year 2005, the first animal to be given the award. This followed his escape from his nature park … Continue reading

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Famous Reds: Red Panda

Not to be confused with the big black and white one, the Red Panda is about the size of a domestic cat, but with a larger tail. It lives in Nepal, China and Myanmar, at some altitude, and is threatened … Continue reading

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The Price of a Life Out of Balance

Continuing to live a life out of balance – on the spinning hamster wheel – carries a price. That applies not only to the person living the unbalanced life, but also for their nearest and dearest, and for their employers. … Continue reading

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Co-op to create 3,000 new legal jobs

The freeing up of the legal market and the entry of Co-operative Legal Services will generate 3,000 new jobs. These will be mainly for lawyers, but also for support staff including HR and IT. BBC report here. The real question … Continue reading

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The CV and Yahoo – Do Not Lie

The fuss about ex Yahoo boss Scott Thompson’s CV continues. It included a computer degree which he could not possible have obtained, since his college did not offer that degree until well after he had left. As a result, Thompson … Continue reading

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Are Young Workers Lazy and Clueless?

Top chef Marcus Wareing has a gripe about the attitude of young workers, particularly those just out of catering college. “Young chefs who want to be at the top, but don’t want to put the work in. Young people come … Continue reading

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Career Hunter Group Coaching Starts 16th May

Our new group career coaching programme, aimed at those who want to change career, starts on 16th May at 7.30 pm. Being in a group can provide access to additional experience, as well as support from others going through the … Continue reading

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Staying in a Job You Hate is Bad for You

If you hate your job, move on. That is the message from research done at Canada’s John Molson Business School. The alternative may well be exhaustion and burn out – and leaving the company abruptly. Loyalty to your employer may, … Continue reading

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