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At a business start up event at the Custard Factory today, I was reminded of the existence of PRIME. Most people have heard of the Prince’s Trust, which among other things helps young people who want to set up a … Continue reading

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Cheap Ways to Create 215,000 Jobs

This report from today’s Telegraph chimed with information from the Find it in Sandwell breakfast this morning. Accord, a housing association, let a maintenance contract on terms which included providing both some training places and apprenticeships to local people. This … Continue reading

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Brilliant CV Book

The latest addition to our Amazon bookshop is “Brilliant CV” by Jim Bright and Joanne Earl. This is a good basic guide to writing a CV, looking at what employers are looking for and how to set this out. Additionally, … Continue reading

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What Kind of Interview – Part 3

As promised, this is the third part of a short series on different kinds of interview (Part 1 here, Part 2 here). The next kind of interview is the Meal Interview. This will generally occur when the employer is fairly … Continue reading

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What Kind of Interview – Part 2

Some months ago we explored the two main kinds of interview: screening and decision making. The promised follow up never happened, at least until now. One step on from the traditional two is the “blessing interview” where the “Big Boss” … Continue reading

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