What Kind of Interview – Part 2

Some months ago we explored the two main kinds of interview: screening and decision making. The promised follow up never happened, at least until now.

One step on from the traditional two is the “blessing interview” where the “Big Boss” rubber stamps the decision to appoint. This may be perfunctory or searching, and should not be taken for granted. Applications have been known to fail at this stage, and the pain of dashed expectations can be particularly severe at that stage.

Two other types of interview are the group interview, and the serial interview.

A group interview, as the name suggests, involves facing several interviewers at once. If it is not well run, this can be unwieldy and inefficient. As with the decision making interview, the candidate will need to be aware of the need to nudge the interview in the right direction to bring out their best qualities. Otherwise, remember that it is a group, even if there is an obvious leader. Maintain eye contact with everyone, and ensure that any questions that you have are shared around the group.

The serial interview also involves several interviewers, but in sequence rather than together. This has an advantage for the recruiting company of allowing interviewers to compare notes – one may notice something that another has missed. And it avoids the unwieldiness of the group interview. The candidate faces a very different challenge. Five or more interviews in a day is energy sapping in itself, and the candidate has to try to keep fresh through each of them. This may involve brief relaxation, and then “centering” again for the next interview. They will also need to maintain fluid intake, while not overdoing it (asking a toilet break in the middle of an interview is not impressive). That said, a few minutes to visit the toilet between interviews can give a chance to mentally regroup.

Two more types of interview in the next post. This time, honest.

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