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Famous Reds: Red Mullet

In one week red pandas and red mullet! Only the mullet is not photogenic. Now the Red Mullet should not be confused with an unfortunate 1980’s hairstyle for gingers. It is, in fact, a fish which is popular eating around … Continue reading

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Cute Red Pandas

The Red Panda has made our “Famous Reds” section before, but these are really sweet…

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Churning Jobs

An interesting thought from Harvard Business Review bloggers David K. Williams and Mary Michelle Scott. There are benefits to sticking around with the same company.

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Which Cities Best for Jobs?

Hours of fun to be had pwc’s site with their 5th Cities of Opportunity report. At various times I compared London, Berlin, Sao Paulo and San Francisco. As they say, prediction is difficult, especially about the future. So take their … Continue reading

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Webinar: Portfolio Careers – Trick or Treat?

  We are running a complimentary webinar of about 45 minutes at 7 pm on Wednesday 31st October 2012. Portfolio careers (having more than one job, or indeed career in parallel) may be a way of coping with unclear career … Continue reading

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How online job searches worsen the job crisis

“(Moneywatch) If tens of thousands of people applied for one job, what are the odds that not a one would be qualified for the position? That’s not a theoretical question. Peter Cappelli, a management professor at the Wharton School of … Continue reading

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More Creative Job Hunting

Kudos to Mark Richardson, featured in the Daily Mail , for inventiveness and PR (not least for getting his story in the Daily Mail). It is early days for the newspaper story, but the cycling and the t-shirt have yet … Continue reading

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“My Hobby as My Profession”

An obituary of Big Jim Sullivan, session musician, who managed exactly that. Here. Not everyone can manage it, but good when it happens. Although there is something of a danger that an enjoyable hobby is reduced to the daily grind. … Continue reading

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