More Creative Job Hunting

Kudos to Mark Richardson, featured in the Daily Mail , for inventiveness and PR (not least for getting his story in the Daily Mail).

It is early days for the newspaper story, but the cycling and the t-shirt have yet to pay off.

I am not going to criticise Mr Richardson, because a report is bound to be incomplete, and he may be well ahead of me in pursuing alternatives. However, alternatives to the Job Centre and to Recruitment Agencies do exist.

1. Old fashioned networking, getting out and meeting people. This has the advantage of reducing the isolation of unemployment, and it need not necessarily cost anything. The one thing NOT to do is ask anyone for a job.

2. Social media. LinkedIn, as the business social network, is the one to pursue. It is particularly useful for keeping in touch with old colleagues, or reestablishing contact. Again, asking for a job directly is likely to be counterproductive.

3. With Mr Richardson’s background, a web portfolio might help him, if he is targeting outdoor jobs. Picture of him roller skating from France to Kent would be memorable, as would the Daily Mail report. All this would help to overcome any prejudice against a 50 year old, by illustrating both that he is active, and that he has chosen a modern way of getting his points across.

Good wishes for the job hunt!

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