Working Beyond Retirement Age – No Choice?

News that annuity rates are currently appalling, and that indeed workers may be £14,000 worse off over the course of retirement than those retiring in 2010. Obviously this is based on a press release, but the advice to shop around for an annuity is still sound.

It does mean that more people will have to work beyond retirement, rather than doing so out of choice. But carrying on the same career full time is not always desirable, so the options of protirement, a fresh career, part time or interim work need to be explored. This may tie in with lifestyle choices, such as the cottage by the sea that you have always dreamt of (or the trip round the world).

Coaching can of course help you to set goals.

My own view is that the people who were able to take early retirement 10 or 15 years ago were very lucky indeed. For most people, early retirement is now an idle dream.

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