T Bar Cover Letter Revisited

I dealt with the T bar cover letter some time ago here. What was missing was an example of a T bar cover letter, so this is a pdf Example of a T bar Cover Letter responding to a job advertisement.

The letter will of course need editing according to individual circumstances, but it illustrates the layout of the T bar concept. There is likely to be a long list of attribute that the employer is seeking, and nobody will meet them all. Pick out the three most important which you meet best. In doing so you give the recruiter what is effectively a headline – this makes their life easier, and gets your message across in a readily absorbed way.

Do remember to date the letter as well, and to add your own address.

If applying by email, the formatting of the columns may well be lost. A similar effect can be achieved by bolding their requirements but not your qualifications within a normal paragraph. Try to get this “above the fold” so that it can be read when the email is first opened, without the need to scroll down. Take some time to experiment to see how it looks in various browsers, and enlist the aid of friends to comment on test emails.

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