New Graduate Problems

Being a new graduate is something to celebrate – an important milestone reached. What comes next can be a problem.

If you know what you want to do, or if your degree points in a particular direction, the path is fairly obvious. It may of course depend on degree class.

What is more of an issue is not being clear on how you want to spend your working hours. There is a trap of taking a holding job, and not settling on a career within a short time. This may leave you trapped in a non-graduate level job that it is difficult to move forward from.

Yet the decision is not an easy one. You need to make a career choice based on very limited information, and with little or no experience of what is really involved. It is very easy to go round in circles without making a decision, or even to make the decision several times without committing to action.

Help with clarifying your thinking, with making the decision, and with turning that into action are all available. (You would expect nothing else from a career coaching blog). We even discount our fees for new graduates in an effort to be helpful, and for a group the fee per person comes down further.

Whatever career you choose, remember that it is possible to change in the future. Indeed in an era of rapid developments, bear in mind that you may be forced to change. One of the things that recruiters look for is character, and I would suggest that you can demonstrate this by making a decision and sticking to it for a couple of years. If you have given the career a fair chance and decide that you do not like it, you have demonstrated commitment and application. You will also have some valuable experience. That makes you a more attractive proposition than someone who has taken a series of casual jobs over the same period.

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