Charity of the Year

Our new Charity of the Year is Kids Club Kampala, a small charity bringing love and joy (and a lot more) to the kids of Kampala. 

Briefly, fun comes from kids clubs, music and dance, and football. These also keep kids safe and out of trouble. They are fed if necessary.

Uganda has many children separated from their parents, for various reasons. The Ewafe project works to reunite them, and help children to settle back into families (if it is safe).

Educational work helps the poorest kids get an education they would not otherwise receive. This gives them a better economic future, as well as a safe space during the day, and a hot meal.

Additionally, there are women’s and teen projects, improving the lives of those sections of society, dealing with issues as diverse as HIV and literacy.

Unlike some charities, their head office function is cut to the bone, and I like the fact that they are community led – so this is not a case of the West telling Africa what to do.

Any donations we make this year will be channelled to Kids Club Kampala, and our sister brand will organise one or two events to raise funds.

Anyone else who want to chip in will be very welcome. You could sponsor a child, take on a sponsored challenge, or simply make a monthly donation – which helps the charity manage cash flow.

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