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Video CVs

An interesting post on the Guardian’s Careers Blog here.

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New Graduate Problems

Being a new graduate is something to celebrate – an important milestone reached. What comes next can be a problem. If you know what you want to do, or if your degree points in a particular direction, the path is … Continue reading

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Graduate Jobs – 5 Action Points

It is a tough time to be a new graduate, and tougher yet for someone without a 2.1. Yet a degree of less than the magic grade may demonstrate character and commitment that would be an asset to an employer. … Continue reading

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CV’s and the Sinners’ Bible

Having spent much time and effort on the content and layout of your CV, it is important to check it. Errors simply give an excuse for a recruiter to put it immediately on the reject pile. You owe it to … Continue reading

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The Cover Letter – T bar

When responding to a job advertisement, your cover letter is as essential as your CV, and forms part of a package. It should generally be typed on good quality paper, either white or possibly cream. The only slight exception might … Continue reading

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CV – Plain and Simple

When you need your CV to stand out, it is tempting to be creative in choosing font or paper, or by adding a photo. Generally, it is a temptation to avoid, the only slight exception being where the employer is … Continue reading

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CV – War Stories

One mistake often made by candidates is to list all the things that they have done in their CV. So far, so impressive. But it raises the question “so what?” If you were head of sales in your last job, … Continue reading

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