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How education needs to change to meet the new normal

“According to Georgetown Public Policy Institute, by the year 2020, it’s estimated that 65 per cent of all the jobs will require post-secondary education and training… Coursera and its university partners are working together to reimagine degrees to meet the needs of a workforce that will increasingly require more ways to attain education throughout a career.”
Sonal Khetarpal, Business Today, “Coursera introduces six new master’s and bachelor’s degree programmes on its platform”  Read Full Article…

Coursera works for me for some things, but it is really a question of the concept rather than necessarily their courses (other providers are available).

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Overloaded? Try an Information Fast

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New Year, New Job Webinar

If your New Year’s Resolutions include looking for a new job or career, join our free webinar on 17th January 2018 for some tips.

Don’t make the same resolution in 2019!

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Courageous Redundancy Mindset Webinar

Redundancy can be tough, so the right mindset can help you push on. Our free webinar on 14th December gives you some ideas how to develop it.

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We’re back on Facebook

After something of a hiatus, we are back on Facebook, where we’ll be posting more snippets and interesting items.

We are here – please visit and like us.

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Starting Your Own Business

…is the subject of our latest Newsletter.

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Charity of the Year

Our new Charity of the Year is Kids Club Kampala, a small charity bringing love and joy (and a lot more) to the kids of Kampala. 

Briefly, fun comes from kids clubs, music and dance, and football. These also keep kids safe and out of trouble. They are fed if necessary.

Uganda has many children separated from their parents, for various reasons. The Ewafe project works to reunite them, and help children to settle back into families (if it is safe).

Educational work helps the poorest kids get an education they would not otherwise receive. This gives them a better economic future, as well as a safe space during the day, and a hot meal.

Additionally, there are women’s and teen projects, improving the lives of those sections of society, dealing with issues as diverse as HIV and literacy.

Unlike some charities, their head office function is cut to the bone, and I like the fact that they are community led – so this is not a case of the West telling Africa what to do.

Any donations we make this year will be channelled to Kids Club Kampala, and our sister brand will organise one or two events to raise funds.

Anyone else who want to chip in will be very welcome. You could sponsor a child, take on a sponsored challenge, or simply make a monthly donation – which helps the charity manage cash flow.

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Friday Flashmob

Just a bit of light relief.

The song is a Russian soldiers’ song from WWII about a Smiling Moldovan Girl (men do like a good smile on a woman). It is now seen as a folk song. Enjoy.

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Red Spot Site Issues


Feel free to visit

It looks like the website is down at the moment, due to a hosting problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries contact us using this form, and we will get back to you.

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